Double & Triple Rooms





 The hotel rooms of The "GANIMEDE" are a beautiful and colourful journey into a typical 1890's Galaxidi mansion. Lovely rooms with style & seasonal decoration. The blue room, the salmon room, the yellow room ...




Beautiful brass beds, antique furniture and collectibles, wonderful lighting and charming fabrics make up the unique atmosphere from a period of time when Galaxidi was filled with imposing captain's houses.







The "Captain's Home" is the kind of rich nautical home we find in all the coastal regions of the Mediterranean. In Greece, these homes are found, without exception, on all the islands and in all the coastal cities. The hotel "GANIMEDE" belongs to this category and is a typical example of such a building. Built in 1890 by the captain's family, the date of construction coincides with a season of great commercial prosperity for Galaxidi. The materials are stone and pumice (mixing ash with lime).






The Galaxidi sailors always painted their floors with the coloured "plastic" that was left over from the boats. The upper floors the houses were completely open without walls in order to stretch and sew the sails of yachts.