Picturesque GALAXIDI !

The majestic - graphic - proud Galaxidi is built on the ancient city Oianthia. The naval town covers 4000 years of history, culminating in the battle of 1921. The townwas frequently raided by many conquerors (Slavs, Franks, Catalans, Knights of Rhodes, Turkish pirates) but has withstood the test of time and today is one of the best holiday resort towns in Greece. Its sailing vessels plowed the seas before the invention of steam navigation, and as a result was the first naval power. Today, Galaxidi is one of the most beautiful villages in Greece almost untouched by mass tourism. Places worth visiting are the church of Agios Nikolaos with its magnificent wooden screen and the Historic Naval Museum. Galaxidi has well-preserved traditional houses and buildings, lovely beaches with crystal blue waters, the renouned forest perfect for walking and the small picturesque harbor used by fishing boats and yachts which is flanked by great restaurants and bars. Galaxidi is a popular destination for those who also want to visit the wonderful archaeological site of Delphi which is located nearby and can be visited by car, taxi or by bus

It's magical to dream !