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Return home and impress your family with a traditional Greek pie! They will love it! Chrisoula teaches you how to make a delicious pie! While the pie is in the oven you can enjoy the Ganimede's lovely courtyard with a glass of local wine.


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wonderful Ganimedes lessons

1) How to make homemade soap

2) Preparation of salves and body oils

3) Identification, collection, conservation and correct use of therapeutic and cosmetic herbs - INTRODUCTION TO HERBS



This trip is a walk of about 4 km through the pine forest of Galaxidi, by way of various Mediterranean ecosystems, and ending at the beach behind the Tourism School.

During the course, you learn to recognize some of the plants and learn their properties through the Greek myths and traditions that were handed down as a result.

Conducted tours - Tours...

The Ganimede Hotel, in collaboration with an experienced driver, offers special tour programs for its guests.

Guided tours to the archaeological site of Delphi and walking / hiking in the spectacular landscape around Delphi can be arranged on request for groups of two or more persons.

Please contact Chrisoula for information.

Suggested excursions

1) Archaeological Site of Delphi - Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia - Temple of Apollo - Castalia source - Ancient theater of Delphi - Delphi Stadium. The tour lasts 2.5 hours.

2) Corikion Andros. Located at an altitude of 1,400 meters on Mount Parnassus, it was considered to be the first temple in Delphi, home of the god Pan and the Nymphs. The view from there is fantastic. You will see Parnassus, the Corinthian Gulf and the northern part of the Peloponnese. The tour lasts 3.5 hours.

3) Walking the ancient Delphi trail - Kirra, the ancient port of Delphi. Duration: 4.5 hours

4) Thermopylae. The place where the King of Sparta, Leonidas, and 300 soldiers fought King Xerxes of Persia and his undefeated army until their final breath .

5) Monastery of Saint Luke. With stunning Byzantine mosaics from the 12th century AD. The monastery was founded in the early 10th century by Saint Luke, whose holy relics are still kept there today.

6) Chaeroneia / Museum of Chaeronea - Lion of Chaeronea. It is here that in 338 BC, King Philip of Macedonia defeated the allied Athenians and Thebians. The victory led to the unification of Greece and paved the way for his son Alexander. You will also visit the Tristrato, the place where the king of Thebes, Oedipus, killed his father, Laius.

7) Trips to Athens, Olympia, Meteora, Dion, Vergina and Dodona are also available on request.











































This lovely historic classic yacht was built in 1927 (!) and is kept in excellent condition. The yacht can accommodate 4-9 people and is truly a unique and perfectly preserved seaworthy vessel.

Sailing with our crew - our flag high on the mast - you will be able to experience this one of a kind day trip or even a unique three-day travel experience. If this seems too much for you, Eric, Bertand or Costas can definitely arrange a shorter scenic half a day trip around magical Galaxidi. Let us organize a program that is right for you so you can treat yourself, your family and friends to an unforgettable sailing adventure beneath the colorful and mystical landscape of Delphi.

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