Wonderful wedding

A Galaxidi wedding is a wonderful & unique life experience!

Our hotel has hosted charming honeymoon couples from all over the world! We would like to share this valuable knowledge and experience with you to make your wedding a wonderful and memorable one.

And then there is the wonderful Agios Nikolaos with its magnificent dome and its two bell towers. It has a commanding presence no matter if you are standing on land or if you are at sea. Built in 1902 is the one of a kind priceless wooden screen onto which is carved scenes from the Old and New Testaments. Made from walnut wood, it is an excellent example of the technique at the time, taking 10 years (1840-1850) to complete. Travelers from around the world come to see and admire it.


It is magical to dream ...

A classic 2CV from the 1970s can also be at your disposal if you choose this beautiful way to make your way to the in the Church